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So, Airbnb.  You’ve probably heard of it but maybe, like most don’t have all the facts.  You’re probably also wondering why this Belfast photographer is talking about it on his website?  Lets check the first point.  Airbnb is a website for people to list, find and rent accommodation.  It has over 1.5 million listings in over 30,000 cities and 190 countries around the world.  You essentially connect straight with the person who is able to rent out their house or room to you for a charge.  I get involved at this point as people who want to list their properties sometimes need shinny photos to attract people to make a booking.

The owner of a renovated house in the Stranmillis area of Belfast got in touch with me as they wanted to list their property for rent on Airbnb.  Many owners decide to take images of their properties with their own phones or cameras.  For most thats fine but this house had just received a fairly substantial make over so the owner clearly understood the need for professional imagery.

I work with several estate agencies around Northern Ireland including Ulster Property Sales, CPS, Maison Real Estate and Templeton Robinson.  I have photographed hundreds of houses over the last 8 years of working as a Belfast photographer so you could say I know what I am doing!

I met the owner of the house in Stranmillis on a lovely sunny day to crack on with the photos.  From the outside it looked like a fairly standard red bricked detached house of a similar size to the others in the area.  As soon as I walked in the front door it was immediately obvious a lot of work had been done, the house looked amazing!

Photographing this house would be super easy.  It was super easy because I loved the house itself.  If I ever have my own property and it looked a fraction this good I would be a happy man so it was an enjoyable work environment.

For this shoot I would break out the Nikon 16-35mm F4 lens coupled with four SB-900 speedlights.  As the majority of the house had white or light grey walls it would be easy to bounce the light around and make the rooms super bright.  We had to make sure the sense of space and scale of the rooms were preserved.  The house could hold eight guests so we had to make sure the rooms maintained their sizes properly through all of the images I took.





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