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Alliance Party

It’s election time in Northern Ireland for this Belfast Photographer.  I cover a lot of events around Belfast and Northern Ireland.  Usually it is for companies celebrating a major business milestone or a business hosting a conference with other businesses invited.  The Alliance Party got in touch initially because they needed a couple of head shots for two of their new candidates standing for election in Bangor.

All of the political parties in Northern Ireland are starting to ramp up their campaigns.  The next job that i had to help the Alliance Party with was their unveiling of their May election candidates.  The Radisson Blu hotel was booked and the press were invited to the launch.  The room they hosted the event in was quite long with very little natural light coming in.  I had to use 4 speed lights on stands placed at strategic points throughout the room to make sure it would be properly lit.  If i didn’t put lights evenly along the length of the room there would be dark spots that would require fixing in post production.

Since most of the Alliance Party candidates were in one place at one time we took advantage of the situation by doing some group photos outside.  We started off with the big group photo.  Generally i try to keep the numbers in the photos as low as possible but this group would be big.  So big in fact that i had to bring a ladder with me!

The next stage for the Alliance Party was the manifesto launch.  The Mac in Belfast was chosen as the venue and again, local press and other guests were invited to attend.  Anna Lo, Naomi Long, David Forde and Andrew Webb were all in attendance at this important morning.

Thankfully due to the very modern interior i only had to use two speed lights.  The Alliance Party requested that i get shots of the speakers whilst at the lectern then more staged formal photos afterwards.  Due to a lot of movement between floors I used on camera flash on both of my camera bodies and one off camera flash for the main light.  Carrying lots of equipment around on this occasion wasn’t possible  so i kept it to a minimum.

The images taken are primarily being used on social media channels but a few of the images have been used in local newspapers.



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