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Theres a lot of jobs that I do were it makes total sense to have a Belfast photographer working with Belfast companies.  Alpha Housing are based in Belfast but have sheltered accommodation schemes all over Belfast and Northern Ireland.  They are in the process of updating their website so I was brought on board to get new imagery.  It was also decided during the planning stages that the images would also be used for the 2014 annual report.

Alpha Housing gave me a fairly tight brief of what they wanted.  I love it when I get a very specific brief.  It means no time wasting and things tend to get done very quickly as everyone usually knows whats going on.  The brief was split in to three areas.  Interior photography, images of active residents and communal imagery of residents interacting.  Alpha Housing were very keen to show potential residents that the schemes they run are fun, active and supportive.

First on the list was interior images of a recently renovated scheme in Carrickfergus.  I’ve done a lot of work with estate agents over the years so this would be useful getting the images of the Carrickfergus scheme.  I broke out the speed lights and got cracking.  I would need all four speed lights to make sure the room would be evenly lit.  I used the Nikon D600 with 16-35mm lens to make sure I could fit everything in.  I love using the 24-70mm lens but for interiors its really not wide enough.

The next part of the Alpha Housing brief was to get some images to show how active the schemes and residents are.  We identified indoor bowls as one activity that could be photographed.  Several other residents were brought on board to give us a variety of images.  The images of the indoor bowls were shot on two bodies, the D600 and D3.  I used a mixture of wide angle and telephoto lenses to capture the residents in the thick of the action.  We identified a couple of other residents from another scheme who we could photograph.  I met with a cyclist and a baker from the scheme in Comber as well as a resident who was very keen for interior design.  All of these images were shot again with speed lights and a mixture of umbrellas and soft boxes for diffusion.

The last batch of images were gathered up as I went round all the schemes and tenants involved in these images.  The team at Alpha needed a batch of library images just showing the residents interacting with each other.  I wanted to make sure I portrayed a positive community spirit but it was very easy in the end.  Every scheme I visited was bustling with activity and spirit so getting images of happy people was not a problem.  The images below were shot with a mixture of lenses including the 16-35mm wide boy along with the jack of all trades 24-70mm.  I also busted out the bokeh-licious 85mm F1.8 and the long legged 70-200mm.

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