Anti Bullying Week

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Anti Bullying Week

“Anti Bullying Week 2012 will take place from 19th to 23rd November, and will focus on how children and young people experience bullying because others see them as being “different”.  The bullying might be motivated by their gender, the real or perceived sexual orientation, of they have a disability, where they come from, their religion, the colour of their skin, what they look like, if they’re particularly good at sport, or not, or a whole range of different things.”

Lee from the Anti Bullying forum heard of me through the work i have done for Save The Children over the last several years.  We had a meeting in Cafe Nero several months ago to talk about the kind of images Lee and the campaign needed.  The images for Anti Bullying would be used at bus stops, on buses, in train stations and on bill boards all over Northern Ireland.  Most importantly the images and the posters would be sent to schools all over Northern Ireland.

After coming up with several ideas for images the date and location was set.  The final thing we needed was subjects and thanks to the Translink Youth Forum that was easily sorted.

The shoot location was set at the Boys Model School as we needed some where modern.  The background of the images used in the posted had to be as generic as possible so they could be placed in to any school and still be relevant to that location.

We planned to set up 6 different images for Anti Bullying Week across the school using a combination of the young people from The Translink Youth Forum.  The first would involve all the  young people at a locker scene.  Lee wanted to portray an image of a young male student being bullied by a larger group who were to throw his books out of his bag.  We had to take this shot several times as i actually wanted the books falling out of the bag on to the floor.  I had 2 speedlights set up for this image.  One to the front and another to the rear to illuminate the background.

Another key area Lee and the Anti Bullying campaign was the use of technology in bullying.  Now unfortunately due to the mass adoption of mobile phones and use of the internet it gives bullies several channels to discriminate people through.  The campaign wanted to highlight this as well so two of the image set ups used mobile phones.  One of the images shows a girl by her self in a class room looking at her phone.  The other image features three boys looking at pictures on  a phone with a young girl in the foreground.

This job from start to finish was very time sensitive.  We had 5 hours in total to get everything we needed and all the time was used.  As well as setting time aside for setting up the young people in to their positions and taking the images i also had to allow time for unpacking and packing up gear.  When you have two cameras, four speedlights, cables and stands it takes a considerable amount of time to move all of this around.

Check out the poster designs in the gallery below.  You hopefully will see them around quite a bit this week!

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