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So yes whilst I am a city loving Belfast photographer I do get the chance every now and again to get out of the city.  This job would see me visiting the farm of Armagh Cider as part of the UK wide open farm day a few weeks ago.  I was pretty excited at going as I have tried all of their ciders at one point or another since they’ve been making them.

The lovely folks down at Armagh Cider are expanding their public presence through PR, pictures and press releases on their activities.  I was bought on board to help with the pictures part of their promotional work.  I dont often work on Sunday as most places are closed but this was the open farm day.  The whole aim of the open day was to attract as many people as possible, as most would be off work.

Thankfully the sun was splitting the trees all day and when I arrived down at the Armagh Cider farm it kept on shinning.  It was pretty hectic getting in as hundreds of people were visiting the farm that day.  Once I parked up I grabbed my gear out of the van and headed for one of the orchards to start the photos.  I already had a brief so had a rough idea of what I had to do.

For these pics I hooked up my Elinchrom Ranger and got snapping.  It was a little windy so I couldn’t use an umbrella on the Ranger for diffusion.  I opted for the standard plastic cover than comes with the Ranger.

Next on the check list was photographs of the other suppliers and exhibitors at the Armagh Cider farm.  It wasn’t just all about Armagh Cider! There were several other artisan food and drink companies there and part of the the brief was to capture images of them as well.  Like before I had to keep it simple.  Lots of people were walking about so I couldn’t use multiple lights.  I stuck with the Ranger, slung the battery pack over my shoulder and cracked on.

Last thing I had to do before heading for the city was to get a few shots of the bottles that were set up on display.  Again I just used the one light and shot the bottles in situ.  They already looked pretty good so I didn’t need to chance that much.

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