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Audiences NI

Being a Belfast Photographer i get to work with a lot of companies who host events in lots of amazing buildings and spaces.  One of my more regular haunts for corporate photography work is Belfast Titanic.  Its a pretty amazing building for tourists but its also a brilliant spot for companies to host AGMs and meetings.  One such company that i have been working with closely over the last several months has been Audiences NI.

Audiences NI are a membership-based Audience Development Agency which aims to increase and diversify audiences for the arts in Northern Ireland.  The company has recently gone through a period of change with new staff being employed.  I was tasked firstly to get new headshots of the new team members for the Audiences NI website.  I would shoot these images on site in their Belfast City Centre offices.

The headshots would on paper be fairly simple with the Audiences NI team opting for the modern hi-key setup.  Check out the team below; don’t they look well?

A lot of companies i work with think they have to come to a studio to have images like this taken.  The Audiences NI team were very relieved when i told them i could shoot these headshots on site.  All i needed was about 15-20ft between me and my subject and enough space to fit in a pop up background.  The next part was the team group shot.  Thankfully they work in a very atmospheric building with a lovely interior so we were able to shoot the image below in the lobby.

Audiences NI
Audiences NI

With all the Audiences NI headshots and group images done we turned our attention to the next event that they were to host.  I was talking at the start of this post about the Belfast Titanic building, this is where Audiences NI would host a conference based on the subject of collaboration.  My involvement in this event would come in two stages.  The first and potentially the most important was to get a good set of promotional images that the Audiences NI team could use to promote the event.  The next set of photos (below) were shot outside the Belfast Titanic building on a very cold February morning but thankfully the weather played ball.  The PR images were all shot with two SB-900’s and a mix of lenses including the 24-70 and 70-200.

So far we shot the new team headshots, got a group photo, taken PR images down at the Belfast Titanic building and the final shoot would be the conference itself.

I have worked for many clients in the Belfast Titanic building since its opening several years ago.  It presents a challenge in that many of the spaces where the conferences are hosted are not your standard four square walls setup. The building is shaped from the outside to look like four ships hulls so the interior is unusual to say the least!

The Audiences NI conference would primarily be made up of theatre companies both private and public as well as practising freelancers working in the Arts industry.  Audiences NI hosted their event in The Andrews Gallery.  They would start off with all the delegates in the middle of the room with two break out areas for further presentations from The Nerve Centre and The Lyric Theatre (also a client of mine).  It would prove to be fairly challenging (but not impossible!) to take photos of this event.  I would have to use all four of my speedlights to ensure suitable light coverage.  Due to the roof being black i would have to bounce all of the light off the walls on to the subject.

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