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BASW is the British Association of Social Workers, previously having being known as NIASW (Northern Ireland Association of Social Workers). They recently hosted a large event in Belfast City Hall as part of world social working day. There was a large delegation of American social workers in Dublin that day and as part of their trip, they’d be visiting the event at Belfast City Hall.


Like most events that I’ve photographed over the last 10 years, they tend to follow the same program. We started off with a bit of casual networking then followed by the posed and set up group shots. After this would come the main BASW event photos and then anything else I could grab during my time on site.


Belfast City Hall is such a beautiful building both outside and in, so on this occasion I opted to set up the group photos back in the rotunda area. The weather was cracking outside and the stained glassed windows in City Hall were bursting with color. I opted to have the windows in the background of my group photos as they looked fantastic.


Once the American delegates from Dublin arrived they had a bit of time for some more networking. Around 30 minutes later the speeches would kick off then lunch was served after that. The great hall in Belfast City Hall simply put, is great! Its a beautiful hall that can easily accommodate several hundred people at once. The hall was so large they were able to split it into several areas and still have room to spare.


Taking photographs in the Great Hall is always a challenge. The ceiling is very high and the windows on the north wall let in tons of light. The high ceilings means you can’t really bounce much light up and the large windows mean the light coming through can vary massively. I opted to use 4 speedlights to aide with artificial illumination and thanks to the Godox trigger system, they can all be controlled wirelessly.

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