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The Belfast Tempest features a 200 strong cast, and is one of the largest Shakespeare productions this city has ever seen. The production will be performed on Queen’s Island (the Belfast docks and the Titanic Quarter) on April 20th-23rd, 2016 as part of the global celebrations in honour of the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.  The Belfast Tempest is funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council as part of the Creative and Cultural Belfast fund and is being created by Terra Nova and our four partners: the African and Caribbean Support Organisation NI, the Crescent Arts Centre, Libraries NI and T13.

For more information please head over to the Terra Nova website for more on this performance.

As with a lot of projects that I take part in as a Belfast photographer I was brought on board to help create a pack of images that can be used to promote the show.  The images that I took for the Belfast Tempest performance would be used in many different locations such as online, print media and various social media platforms.

I was given a brief that the images would need to appear as natural as possible with very little posed shots.  I also had to keep as much of the ship yard background in as possible.  All the images I shot for this Belfast Tempest shoot involved movement of some kind.  Even though some of the shots look like the characters are standing still there is always movement.  I am capturing them as they are acting out the scene.

Due to the weather that day I had to use my Qaudra Ranger light pack.  The speed lights I use on a daily basis are great but because I had to keep the sun to the actors backs I needed the 400w of power from the Quadra packs.  I usually put some sort of modifier on the Qaudra as 400w of power is a lot but on this occasion due to the wind I didn’t have any one to hold the stand.  I had to opt for the plastic cover that clips on to the Quadra light to help soften the light a little.  This coupled with a polariser helped control highlights and let me shoot at a wider than normal aperture for these conditions.

I always shoot RAW but this was one occasion where JPEGs had no place.  Even with the 400w of power from the Quadra and fill from the speed lights I had to correct and balance the images during post processing.  The power of RAW images yet again impressed me as well as how flexible the Nikon D750 system is.

Again, for more information on this performance please head over to the Terra Nova website.

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