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The big data conference happened a couple weeks ago in the marvellous surroundings of the ball room in the Titanic building right here in Belfast. I always enjoy shooting events like this as there’s no end of things to photograph. Theres always a great buzz from the delegates on the floor and the speakers on the stage.

Big Data Belfast

Events aren’t the most complicated of jobs for most photographers in terms of immediate size. What can be very challenging is keeping to the shoot schedule. Quite often, and the big data conference was a perfect example of this there is a running schedule featuring speakers, break out events and other random moments.  The difficult part of working an event so large like this is making sure you don’t miss anything.

Big Data Belfast

The main ballroom was so big it took all six of my lights to evenly light it. Yes I could’ve used natural light and pushed up the ISO but then I would have to start working about accurate focus and increased image noise. Having all the lights set up meant that the photos would pop in terms of colour and focus and I wouldn’t have to work about ISO noise.

Big Data Belfast

After the main conference session finished and the breakout sessions started thats when I had to really get busy. Instead of one stage and one set of speakers I had to photograph three stages and three sets of speakers. I left two lights in the main ball room and placed two sets of lights in each of the breakout rooms. I could’ve moved all the lights into each of the rooms but that would mean disrupting the speakers and delegates, something I always try to avoid.

Big Data Belfast

I switched the lights in each of the three rooms into three different groups; A, B and C. This meant when I had to move from room to room instead of shifting and setting up the lights each time I just changed the group setting on the flash transmitter. Easy!


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