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As any decent Belfast photographer should know, its not always about the photos and gear.  Some weeks I work every day all day fulfilling client requests and other weeks I have down time to catch up on other things such as paperwork, networking and other fun stuff like cycling.  Bizcamp happened last week and it fell on a day when I didn’t have any shoots on.  Networking is never not good.  I relish the chance to get out and chat with other people about what I am doing and how I can help them.

I just took delivery of a Canon G7X several days before Bizcamp and decided that it would be a great chance to test it out.  I wanted to try taking pictures using the G7X and tweeting them directly to my Twitter feed without using a computer.  So the challenge was to take shots of the speakers, transfer to my phone, edit the picture (on my phone) then transfer to Twitter.  Easy!

Bizcamp is a great for two reasons.  There are lots of great speakers and theres always great networking.  I really enjoyed traveling light with just a notebook, my phone and the G7X.  Shooting with only the G7X did make me realise a few things.


Quiet – I am used to a noisy DSLR shutter.  The little G7X doesn’t have a shutter in the traditional sense of what I am used too.
Compact – So much smaller than what I am used to using.  Even with a small prime lens attached, the D750 is bulky.
Zoom – This little camera has a 4.2x zoom, thats pretty amazing for a camera of its size.
Touch screen – This is something that I didn’t think I would use but being able to touch to focus is pretty cool.


Battery – The battery in the G7X is pretty small.  Granted I didn’t take hundreds of photos but I can see this being a problem in the future.
ISO – The G7X has a 1 inch sensor.  This means than high ISO noise control is just OK, it doesn’t even come close to the D750 but this is the sacrifice you make in choosing a small camera.
Control – I am used to having all the buttons on the outside of the camera.  Yes the G7X has several buttons but not every option can be easily reached.
Zoom – Whilst a 4.2x zoom is great in a body so small I missed the ability to slap a zoom lens on to get closer to my subject.
Image quality – Not quite up to par to a DSLR but considering the location and environment I was happy with the results.

I have to say the whole live tweeting process worked really well.  As soon as I took a photo I was able to download the picture straight to my phone, complete a quick edit and post it online.

OK so its all well and good taking pictures but what about the actual tweeting business?  I checked out several of the best performing tweets and took a few screen shots.
pic1 pic2 pic3pic4

I added up the total impressions of all the tweets I sent out and it totalled 2,970 impressions! Not too bad for a test.  Thanks to the Bizcamp marketing team retweeting my tweets they got a good bit further than they usually would.

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