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If you’ve been reading through this blog over the last several months it covers a lot of what I do for my paying clients.  Going forward into 2016 I want to show some of the images I take when I am not working.  I spend a lot of time looking after paying clients needs so sometimes I don’t a lot of time to take pictures for fun.  When I do have the time I often take pictures and never do anything with them, usually because I don’t have time!

I shoot with two Nikon D750 cameras. Whilst these cameras aren’t that big, sometimes I dont want to carry DSLR’s when I am not working.  I looked in to compact cameras but there were several stipulations that guided my buying decision.  The camera would need to shoot in RAW, offer full manual controls and have a decent consistent lens aperture/zoom.  The camera I settled on was the Canon G7X.  Yes I am a Nikon user through and through but the best camera is the one suitable for the job.  I’ve no brand loyalty.  I use what ever system is best for the job.  I use the Canon G7X for times when I can’t or don’t want to carry my larger Nikon D750’s.

For the last several years the Blackbox in Belfast have hosted a Christmas concert and Katie Richardson aka Goldie Fawn has been chief organiser. This year she had a small choir (BoxBeat) with her as well as other guests including Master & Dog.

The little Canon G7X performed well in the dark expanse of the Blackbox.  As it essentially is a black box, its a very difficult place to photograph in.  There’s zero natural light due to lack of windows so you’re relying on the artificial house lights which can be very harsh.  This kind of environment is hard even for my full frame Nikons so its even more difficult for the little G7X.

I shot the images below at ISO1250 which is very high even for this modern point and shoot camera so a little post processing was required to bring the photos up to my standard.  I decided to process these images in black & white as I wasn’t that impressed with the lighting in the Blackbox.  Noise reduction was the most important part of the post processing stage.  A little noise is OK but I feel its a distracting bi-product of small sensors that cope with dark conditions.


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