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Budapest – November 2015

I’ve got lots and lots of photos to show you. Sometimes I write up posts straight after I finish the shoot, sometimes (in this case) I leave it a while. I always find its good to write about something when you’re in the mood. I find it better not to force it.

I took a couple of trips last year due to Ryanair selling some crazy cheap seats. I ended up aside from Budapest in Copenhagen and Krakow. Check out the previous posts if you’ve never been to either cities, I highly recommend visiting them!


Budapest would be the last trip outside of the UK for 2015. Its always been somewhere that I have been curious visiting so I was super excited to get the chance to go. Asked my mate Stephen to come along with me as I knew it was a place he also wanted to visit.

We arrived late at night and the chap that lifted us from the airport said it was a bad time to arrive in the city. Slightly perplexed I ask why. I found out exactly why the next morning. Budapest is an insanely beautiful city! The city monuments and buildings are lit up at night time but to save electric the lights are turned off at 1am.


Budapest is very similar to many European cities. There has been full acceptance of the outdoor cafe and bar culture. Its amazing walking around Budapest and seeing people just sitting outside enjoying the surroundings. Bare in mind that Budapest until recently was a communist city so this culture is still kind of new to many who live there. If you do make it to Budapest make sure you check out one of the many ruin pubs in the central area of the city. These are old buildings that used to be tyre factories and firehouses that have been converted in to clubs and bars whilst maintaining the original decor.

Hungarians definitely love to use their city. Be it fishing in the danube, cycling, reading outside, yoga, lunch with friends or meditation you can guarantee theres someone using the public amenities. No matter where I went about the city there was always someone doing something. I found it really cool people just out and about using their city in such a way.


I managed to see a lot of Budapest by hiring a Yellow Zebra bicycle. The cycle infrastructure in the city is much much better than what I’ve experienced in the UK. You could pretty much cycle on proper paths to and from the cities main tourist areas. Even if an area I wanted to visit wasn’t on the proper cycle path route the markings on most main roads catered for cyclists as well.

The first couple of pictures in the album below are panoramic images so make sure to full screen your browser.

All images in this post were shot on a Canon G7X.

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