Business Headshots

Business headshots are so important.  Its amazes me that many people in business settle for camera phone photographs or cropped photos from holidays.  Its really important to have a strong up to date business headshot.  If you have a LinkedIn profile and you send me a request to connect the first thing i always do if i dont know you is check your photo.  If its rubbish i usually dont bother hitting the connect button.

You should use it on your website, on LinkedIn and twitter as well as Facebook and Google Plus if applicable.  Any where were there is a space for your business headshot you should be using it.  This also includes in published books and business cards.

So instead of a long rambling post check out these 8 points below for acheiving a sucessful business headshot.  Once you are done reading check out some recent images taken by me for local businesses.

  1. You do, in most cases, want to look friendly, professional and trustworthy.
  2. Do find a professional photographer who specialises in headshots and corporate work (such as me!), not weddings or child portraits, for example. We’ll take a flattering headshot using the best lighting, backdrop and angle, we’ll also consult with you on the image you want to convey, discuss where you’ll be using the image, the best location for your headshot photo session and give you ideas you may have not considered.
  3. Avoid having a friend or family member, who happens to own an expensive camera or iDevice, take your headshot. They’re simply not trained, they don’ t know all the variables that go into a quality, professional shot. There’s a noticeable difference between photos taken by an amateur and a professional.
  4. Do wear clothing appropriate for your line of business, necklines that work with your face, and colors that work with your skin tone.
  5. Do make sure your clothing is pressed & fluff free.
  6. Don’t look sloppy, first impressions count.
  7. Avoid sexy clothing, wild colors and patterns. You want the main attention on your eyes and face, not your clothes.
  8. Do consider hiring a makeup and hair artist that has done work for photo shoots, as they’ll know how to apply the right amount of makeup to get the very best look for your headshot.

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