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I do a lot of work for theatre companies in the arts sector.  I also work along side several PR companies based in Belfast and farther afield.

Business profile photos are one of the most simple ways of getting a news story out or promoting members of staff.

Business profile photos can be used for many different purposes.  One of the most simple applications for business profile photos is for use in social media.  Nowadays with so many people using several different social media channels and companies now using profiles to promote themselves never has it been more important to make sure staff are properly displayed via profile photos.  Imagine a potential client visiting your company facebook page or twitter feed and they are greeted by a profile pictures taken on holidays or from nights out?

Other uses for business profile shots are in business magazines.  These magazines can be internal booklets or external publications such as Business Eye or Ulster Business.  The shot below of Bob McCoubrey was used in an internal magazine for Goldblatt McGuigan.

Business profile photos apart from being used as profile images online and in magazines can be used in the local press.  PR companies will promote their clients by way of good news stories.  Along with a well written press release is the photo.  The photo should not be a standard head and shoulders image but portray the person in question in an appropriate environment.  The image below of Alan from The Pit Stop in Kilkeel is one such image.

Technically none of these images are difficult to achieve.  The majority of them have been taken with the minimum of equipment.  I would usually try and stick to using two speedlights with some sort of light modifier fitted.  These can either be umbrellas or soft boxes.  I would always shoot in RAW which gives me the most power during the post processing stage to alter and fix any part of the images.

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