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Car Photography

People often ask me how i got started in photography.  Car photography was to be one of my first avenues in to paid work. Just over 5 years ago i got contacted by a company based in England.  They were looking for a photographer in Northern Ireland to visit several car dealers during the working week to carry out car photography. Its a pretty simple process. Car Photography for Northern Ireland Dealers

I have a list of 11 car dealers between the Boucher Road and Ballymena.  I carry out car photography for Isaac Agnews VW, Lexus Belfast and BMW Country Garage but to name a few. On the designated visit day i log in online to get a shot list of images for each car dealer. I then carry out the visits to get the car photography started.  Once i establish with the dealers what they have available i get set up.  I keep the set up pretty simple.  Infact just the Nikon D3s and an SB-900 on a tripod.  The amount of pictures per car goes from three up to twelve. I shoot in DX mode (cropped sensor) to ensure the file sizes of the jpegs stay small for the upload process. Car Photography for Northern Ireland Dealers

To make sure the glass in the windows stays clear and thus enabling the customer to see through the windows i use a circular polarizer. This kind of work could be classified as contracted commercial work.  Whilst the money for this type of work is not ground breaking its regular and consistent. If you are thinking of starting off in photography but you are currently working then some sort of part time contracted work can be beneficial.  It means you can keep your normal job but get involved with paid photography.  I started off by working part time for Santander whilst doing the car photography.  After a short period of time i started to build up other work which enabled me to leave Santander. Car Photography for Northern Ireland Dealers

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