CIAT Dinner – Titanic Belfast 2012

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Good morning every one!  I hope you had a great night on Friday.

Please note you are paying for digital copies only.

Getting the photos below couldnt be more easier!  Follow these few simple steps.  As these are digital copies you can of course buy an image and i give you permission to copy it as you need too.  If you are buying a group image you only need to buy one copy and you can send that on to your friends.
 If you need to buy multiple different images follow the steps below :-)
1.  Browse the photos below.
2.  Locate the 4 digit code in the photo that you want to purchase.
3.  Enter the 4 digit code in to the box below and click buy now.  If you want multiple photos enter the relevent codes i.e. 1234 5678 1234
4.  One photo is £10, two is £12 and three is £15.  Remember if you want only one image you can copy it and send it to your friends. If you want two or three different images pick “2 photos” or “3 photos” in the drop down menu.  Dont forget to enter each of the 4 digit codes.  
5.  You will have to pay through PayPal.  You can use this even if you dont have an account, just enter your regular debit or credit card details and dont forget to include your email address.
6.  Once the order is completed you will receive an email with the pictures attached.
7.  If you have any questions email on or leave a comment below.

Enter 4 Digit Photo Code
Enter 4 Digit Photo Code

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