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The connection with Concentrix Belfast was made initially through a very round about way.  A friend of mine who i met through BNI told me about a friend of his who worked in Concentrix Belfast.  At the time i didn’t know who or what Concentrix was.  After a bit of research Concentrix Belfast primarily deals in customer telephone support whilst other branches around the world work in social media, print production and marketing support.

My contact in Concentrix Belfast was a bright guy named Gerrard.  The brief was fairly simple.  As they had just moved in to the building in Belfast they needed a library of images for things like marketing literature, presentation content and advertising pictures.

Concentrix services many world wide brands such as Electronic Arts, Channel 4, Windows and Microsoft.  The Concentrix Belfast building is made up of many zones providing telephone based support.

Gerrard wanted several things from me.  First i had to get a batch of images from every zone in the building.  This alone would take several hours, i predicted at least half a day.  When i was photographing each zone i had to make sure i focused on the branding in each zone.  As well focusing on the branding for each area i had to pay particular attention to the people.  This business is all about the people.

For each area that i visited i had to get both informal and staged photos.  These images could be used for recruiting materials, to show potential employees the environment they would be working in.

The other thing i had to pay attention to was me!  Concentrix Belfast is a 24/7 support centre as it provides support for many countries around the world.  As the staff are multi lingual they can help people all around the world.  All this right from Belfast, how cool!  Because it operates all the time i had to be sensitive to my movements around the staff.

To minimise potential disruption i used wireless Nikon speedlights which i could command from my camera. I had 4 speedlights in total.  I needed so many as some of the zones i had to photograph were very large and difficult to light.

All of the lenses in my bag were used for this job.  To capture the scale of each of the zones i used the 18-35 lens. When i was working with small groups i switched over to the might 24-70 F2.8 and when i needed to focus on individuals from a distance i bolted on the excellent 70-200 F2.8.  As well as photographing the office and its workers i had another special task.  The heads of the other world wide centres were visiting Concentrix Belfast to see it operating.  When they were there in Belfast i had to get their headshots as well as a team photo.

The headshots worked out really well.  There was a massive curved pop up with Concentrix colours in the lobby.  I set up a softbox as the primary light along with an umbrella for a bit of fill.


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