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As a Belfast Photographer I get to cover lots of different events.  Just last week Cruise in Victoria Square held a fashion show for their Autumn/Winter collection.  The fashion industry isn’t a market that I am particularly active in but I was very excited to photograph this show.  I was asked for three specific things to be covered.  The first was to get some behind the scenes imagery.  The shop itself was pretty tricky to shoot in.  As some one who uses a lot of off camera flash this would be difficult, the roof was black! I pulled up the little bounce cards built into the heads of the flashes and that give me just enough surface area to project the light forward.

The next part of the evening would see me photographing the guests as they arrived in to the Cruise store.  Instead of using the built in bounce cards inside the flash heads I would use two large umbrellas to photograph the guests.  I had two lights facing the subjects and another one to illuminate the background.  Due to the length of the store If I didn’t use the third light the background of the images would be very dark.  As well as photographing the guests I managed to get some shots of the models before they started their show.

The final part of the evening would the Cruise fashion show itself.  I arrived at Cruise slightly early to see where the various pause points would be along the cat walk.  There would be two main points on the catwalk where the models would stop, pose then move on to the next point.  I positioned the speed lights accordingly to make sure I had good light coverage all along the catwalk but especially at the pose points.

All the images above were shot on a D3s with a 70-200mm VR lens.  I had the camera autofocus set to continuous meaning the camera would stay focused on the model even as they moved forward towards me.  Once they passed the first pose point I would switch to the secondary camera, a D600 with 24-70mm lens (awesome combination).  They would stop just long enough for me to get a couple of shots off.  It would be great to have a selection of images at this point.

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