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Culture Night, you almost broke this Belfast Photographer!  OK not quite but I was definitely bruised and battered the morning after.  After walking almost eight miles, carrying two cameras with all the other gear and sampling the local ale houses at several points during Friday night my head was fuzzy on Saturday morning.  There wont be too many words in this blog but I do want to go over just a few things.

1 – If you’ve never been to Culture Night Belfast what have you been doing with your life!?  It is hands down the best night out in Belfast that happens every year.  Yes there are other events that happen during the year but they are visiting events.

2 – Its free.  Totally absolutely free.  You can walk around the cathedral quarter of Belfast and not pay a penny to enter any of the events.

3 – Car free.  Lots of the streets are closed off around 5pm until at least 10pm.  Its pretty awesome walking up and down streets that normally are reserved for cars.

4 – Quality events.  There are some amazing performances waiting to be found.  Some have listed locations, some do not.  Its up to you to find them.

5 – The buzz.  When approximately 50,000 people descend in to a reasonably small part of a small city the whole place just heaves and buzzes with noise.  Even if you attend and dont go to any performances its still great just walking around.

6 – Start early, end late.  Lots of the events dont officially start until 5pm but plenty happens from 3pm onwards most years.  Get out of work and head straight to the Cathedral Quarter.  See some really cool things before the crowds start to gather.  Once everything officially ends at 10pm dont leave! Get to the pub, get in there, get a pint and keep on going.  Enjoy the craic.

This year I carried two Nikon D750’s with 35mm and 85mm lenses attached.  I also had a Lowepro bag filled with various accessories such as batteries, speedlights, cables and cords.  I even had a light stand and mini tripod.  Next year I will be ditching all that extra stuff and go with just two cameras.  All the extra weight means getting round Culture Night Belfast as the crowds increase just gets more tricky.  Also I was constantly worried about leaving my bag down incase some one tried to steal it or trip over it.

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