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Demented - The Lyric Theatre Belfast

I started off in photography by working on a multi disciplinary theatre project when attending university way way back in 2004.  I took some photos of the production that i was working on and included them in my dissertation.  The director of the show seen the images and really liked them.  We ended up working together again around six months later and the rest is history.  I am one Belfast photographer from a very small pool that truly specialise in theatre photography.  I know several who are wedding photographers or maybe fashion who try their hands at taking production stills but the results are usually poor.

I would liken taking production stills to hanging on to a bull as it kicks and bucks around the ring.  You cant stop the show once it starts and you just have to hang on to the reigns until the end (or until you a thrown off!).  Once the show starts you cant stop it.  You cant in my opinion pose production stills.  You have to let the actors move and you must never interrupt the flow on stage.  Once you miss a shot when shooting production stills you don’t have the chance to try again. You must always be ready.

I love taking production stills, its like a photographic work out.  Production stills always involve me darting from one side of the seating bank to the other and always up and down the steps as well!  Demented is the latest show from the Lyric Theatre in Belfast.  Check out the blurb below to find out what the show is about.

Andrew is divorced and living in a pensioner’s bungalow taking care of his father who has dementia. Keith, his next door neighbour uses a wheelchair after being injured in a road accident which wasn’t his fault. Keith’s girlfriend Felicity is listed as his care person but is more likely to borrow his car, money and anything else she wants. Felicity works at the bank, where the manager is the driver who put Keith in a wheelchair.”

Demented is showing in The Lyric Theatre inBelfast from now until the 29th May.



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