Dog Portrait Photography

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Dog Portrait Photography

I started off in paid photographic work by seeing an advert requesting a photographer in Northern Ireland to visit Jollyes Pet Stores with the aim of doing in-store dog portrait photography.

Almost 5 years later and i am still visiting all of the Jollyes shop’s in Northern Ireland doing Dog Portrait Photography.

The process of dog portrait photography is fairly simple, its hi-key photography.  I get to the store early in the morning and set up a podium which is covered in white vinyl. Behind the podium i hang a translucent sheet with a flash behind it.

To the front of the podium there are two speedlights with umbrellas fitted.  So in total there are three speedlights.

I use a commander on my D3s to remotely control them.  The aim of this style of photography is to make sure the whites are as bright as possible so the background of the image can be cleanly removed from the image.  This gives a pure white background.

Setting up is easy but over the last 5 years i have had some crazy dogs!  I usually get the owners to keep the dogs on the lead then remove it post processing.  This makes sure the dogs cant run away out of the store.

Once i am done for the day in each store the photos get uploaded to the main company in England where they complete the edits.  After all the post processing is finished the images are printed and framed after which they are sent back to the store.  The owners then come back the following week where they can buy the prints.

With 9 stores in Northern Ireland it takes several months to get around them all, this means i usually visit each store once a year.

Check out the images below to see the kind of pictures i am getting for the owners.



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