Duke Special at The Mac

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I got a very last minute call from The Mac on Friday past asking if i was free.  The photographer who was to attend a job that evening wasnt able to attend. Duke Special at The Mac

Duke Special for the last several days over the last week took up residence in The Mac and created several evenings of entertainment.  On the Friday night an Irish artist called Cathy Davy was his guest along with several other performers.  Amongst the other performers was Neil Hannon from The Devine Comedy. Duke Special at The Mac

It was a different set up in The Mac in terms of seating.  All the seats in the main theatre space were pushed back in the to wall and a cabaret set up was created.  This way the audience could set together in their groups and order drinks if they wanted to. Duke Special at The Mac

But because of this cabaret set up i was limited to where i could stand.  I could only hover in the wings to the left and right of the stage.  That being said i was able to get close enough to get some great shots. Duke Special at The Mac

As with theatre photography the camera settings were fairly similar.  High ISO, faster shutter speed and wide aperture.  These combinations lead to bright and focused images.  Not all cameras can handle high ISOs due to ‘noise’ on the sensor but thankfully Nikon’s professional range have full frame sensors that can handle dark environments.

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