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Engineers Ireland had their annual black tie ball in the Titanic Building a couple of weeks back. It’s been a long time since I covered a black tie event in the building so I was excited to get cracking with this shoot. I got the job booking from a fellow photographer who could no longer cover the event due to a date change.

Couples Photos.

After a short exchange of emails between various people involved in the organisation of the event, we agreed a general plan of attack. As the guests arrived I took more formal posed couple photos and small groups. The back drop of the Titanic area in the late evening was a great backdrop.

After all the guests arrived I moved all of my gear in to the main gallery area where the event would continue. I set up four portable flash lights and placed them around the room. These lights, whilst not very powerful seperatly once grouped together are perfect for the job.


I then proceeded to capture imagery of the various guest speakers. This is always a little more challenging due to me having to move around the room. As all the guests at this stage are sitting, it means you are often the only thing moving in the room at that time. This means that people tend to look at you moving from point to point.

Once dinner was served I dissappeared until the final dessert course was served. Afterall, nobody wants to be photographed eating their dinner!

Time For Fun.

The final part of the Engineers Ireland evening took place at the back of the room. Tinylife were the main charitable partner of the evening. Guests could buy chips from Tinylife to use on gaming tables. All money used on the tables went straight to the charity.

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For more info on Engineers Ireland head to their page here.

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