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Enough Food For Everyone IF - Botanic Gardens Belfast

Incase you have been on holidays or had your head buried in the sand you would of found it hard to miss the buzz of the G8 summit in Northern Ireland and the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign.  In short the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign is a coalition of charities who are trying to raise awareness of world food poverty and the need to end it.  My involvement with the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign was fairly straightforward, i was to be the coalition’s photographer in Northern Ireland.

Over the last couple of months i had been working with the Enough Food For Everyone IF coalition trying to raise awareness of the campaign by traveling around Northern Ireland with huge inflatable letters.  Check out some pics from my previous post by following this link.  The weekend of the G8 summit would be the biggest weekend in terms of publicity for the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign in Northern Ireland.

I had two jobs last weekend.  The first was to photograph the Enough Food For Everyone IF concert in Botanic Park Belfast.  The second job was to photograph a church service in Enniskillen where the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu would be in attendance.

So the big thing with working outside in Northern Ireland is always the weather.  And sadly on the day of the concert it was not great, in fact it was just pure rubbish.  This would not be a good day for photography.  But despite the weather the Enough Food For Everyone IF concert still went ahead.  I have two cameras, a Nikon D3s and a D600.  Thankfully both camera’s are weather proofed.  Now this doesnt mean you can through them in the tub, they will stand up to heavy showers.  I had a towel stuffed in to my North Face jacket so i could wipe the excess water off.

Having two camera bodies is brilliant as it means i didnt have to switch lenses around on one body in such bad weather.  I kept the 24-70mm lens on the D3s and the 70-200mm VR on the D600.  As the D600 has a 25MP sensor i could flick it in to DX mode and get an effective range of 98-280mm and retain a sufficiently large image.

The first job of the day at Botanic was to get a picture of Zoe Salmon out to local and national Sunday papers.  Now this is an area that people think is super hard to do (the act of sending papers your images).  I will tell you its not.  We shot the image below of Zoe and a volunteer from Christian Aid first thing in the morning.  We tried a few different combinations and picked one image to send out.  Adrian (also from Christian Aid) and I then got a list of emails together of the key papers he wanted to send the image too.  I opened my email client, copy and pasted the list and uploaded the image with an embedded caption.  I then hit send.  Thats it.  The most important part that people often forget is to actually ring the picture desk of the newspaper to make sure they got your image.


The rest of the day was spent just roaming around the site capturing the day as it unfolded.  The rain was relentless.  It got so heavy at one point when i was photographing Duke Special the camera started picking up the rain and would try to focus on that! With AF-S engaged in the centre spot i just had to focus and recompose.  As it was quite dark through out the day due to the bad weather i had to keep the ISO value higher than usual for outdoor work.  I also had to keep the ISO high to make sure i wasn’t getting blurry pictures of the performers as they moved around the stage.  One group, Prodijig was a dance act and for that the shutter speeds on both camera’s was never below 1/640th.

The headline acts were Two Door Cinema Club and Flash Harry.  I am a big fan of both acts and i had been looking forward for months to seeing them as well as photographing them.  How ever the universe was against me this day as i didn’t get to shoot either of the bands.  The day was running about 40 minutes behind and i had a press deadline.  It would take me about half an hour to sort the images, pick a small selection and edit them for social media and press use.  So just as Two Door came on stage i had to leave for the media tent.  Gutted!

But as i was taking photos for the coalition i had to make sure the images made it out on time to the necessary papers and social media channels.  Myself and David from Trocaire picked the two images below to send out with a press release.  Again we collated a list of emails, uploaded the two pics below with embedded captions and hit the send button.  I had one image of Two Door Cinema Club thankfully.  So by the time the concert ended we had the images sent to local and national papers.

caption1 caption2

Ok, enough talking check out the images from the day below.

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