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Enough Food For Everyone is a new campaign from Save the Children who have joined forces with more than 100 other charities in an attempt to tackle global hunger.

Save the Children’s new joint campaign Enough Food for Everyone IF wants action from global leaders to end the hunger crisis that costs the lives of more than 200 children every single hour.  With David Cameron leading the G8 group of the world’s richest countries, Britain has a once in a generation chance to make hunger a thing of the past.  Hunger and malnutrition will trap almost a billion young people in poverty by 2025, according to our joint report launched today.

In a world where there’s enough food for everyone, the scandal of children growing up hungry is unfair, unjust – and totally preventable.

The Enough Food For Everyone campaign would rely heavily on good pick up from the media.  My involvement in this project would mean getting many photographs from several locations around Northern Ireland whilst working along side some amazing volunteers.

My work for Enough Food For Everyone would start on Wednesday 23rd January.  I met my contacts from Save the Children at the QFT in Belfast to pick up the massive props that would be used in the photographs.  With zero miles on the clock i left Belfast bound for Londonderry.  Ebrington Barracks and the Peace Bridge would be my first location.  The van was loaded up with the giant letters, the generator to inflate them and my camera gear.

A short time and 70 miles later i was on site and ready to go.   I met with the local volunteer and  we set up by The Peace Bridge.  It was the first time setting everything up but once everything was plugged in the letters inflated fairly quickly.  As quick as i arrived and set up it was time to go.

Volunteers with the #IF by the peace bridge in Londonderry
Volunteers with the #IF by the peace bridge in Londonderry

Thursday would be some what different to Wednesday.  For the next two days i would have a volunteer from Save the Children come along with me in the van.  Barton and I left Belfast early and headed straight to Enniskillen.  The first set up of the day would be in the Diamond right in the middle of town.  After we were done there we made a quick dash out to The Lough Erne Resort.  The G8 summit will be meeting here later this year so where better to set up the massive IF than the place of the summit itself.  The rest of the day would be spent travelling to the next two locations, Dungannon and the Rushmere centre in Craigavon.

The photography for this project would have to be fairly simple.  The most important part would be to capture the size of the massive letters whilst ensuring the location of each shoot was clear and obvious.  Photographers from the local press were invited and bar the Rushmere centre we had at least two at each site.  This would ensure good news coverage.  The local photographers used direct on camera flash but i decided early on to be a litte more creative and deployed off camera flash.  At the most basic level i used one speedlight with a flashbender attached.  This was sufficient for most of the set ups on the Thursday.

The weather on Thursday was perfect how ever Friday would not be so kind.  Rain, rain and more rain.  This day in terms of photography would all be about finding cover.  Ballymena would be the first stop of the day and the bandstand in town would be the first place we set up.  As it was covered it meant i could used off camera flash again with out fear of my equipment being damaged due to the rain.  As it was open on all sides i didnt want to use speedlights on stands.  Instead i attached one to a gorillapod and hooked it on to the iron supports on the band stand.  I pointed it up towards the inside of the roof, this would provide all the light i would need.

Speedlight used to light the #IF under the bandstand in Ballymena.
Speedlight used to light the #IF under the bandstand in Ballymena.

Once Ballymena was done it was a dash down the motorway to Newry.  The rain was crazy heavy the whole drive down and it stayed like the rest of the day.  This would prove to be problematic.  As it was still raining when we got down there we had to adjust plans slightly.  The shoot was moved from outside the town hall and inside to the Sean Hollywood Centre.  It was pretty dark inside the auditorium even with the house lights on so i used two speedlights to illuminate the letters and the three volunteers who came along to meet us.

#IF at the Sean Holywood Centre in Newry
#IF at the Sean Holywood Centre in Newry

The final location for this job would be in Banbridge right in front of the council offices.  I didn’t think this would be a great location for the massive letters but once i seen the place with my own eyes i knew it would be perfect.  It was still raining at this stage and as only one volunteer turned up we would not be on site long.  Once we got the images for press i took a few shots of the IF by itself.  It was getting dark and lighting the letters from behind looked amazing.

530 miles later, 130 photographs, 15 cups of coffee and 7 locations later and we were done.  My involvement in the Enough Food For Everyone campaign is done for now but as the G8 summit nears the photos i took will be used to try and highlight the message that food poverty should not exist any more.



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