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Esther is one of those start up companies you hear of and wonder, “why didn’t I come up with that idea?”. Ailis and Carol from Esther have set up a ‘pocket to pocket’ giving app. Through their app, you give directly to the recipient. Esther is about direct giving from donor to recipient, 100% goes to recipient and its completely private and traceable.

I met Ailis and Carol whilst at Digital DNA 2019. Whilst at the conference, they won a pitching contest. The prize was a trip to NYC to pitch their app to investors. After the final day of the event, and the excitement had died down a little I got chatting to Ailis and Carol at the conference afterparty. 

Long story short, I offered to meet Carol and Ailis to set them up with some shiny new headshots. I always recommend people use the same headshots across their social media platforms.

Esther is based in the Ormeau Baths building on Ormeau Avenue Belfast. This old public bath house used to be a gallery space. Barlcays Bank invested money into the space and turned it into a startup incubator. A lot of the original interior was preserved. Thanks to this preservation, it would make a great location for a photoshoot.

I met Carol and Ailis in the lobby of the Ormeau Baths and we got cracking straight away. As we were all sitting down, I made this my starting point. I set up a large Godox octabox and a smaller softbox. These two light sources would see me through the entire shoot. Simplicity was key for this shoot as other people were moving around the space we were working in. Complicated setups mean lots of stands, cables, wires and bags. If I’ve learned anything in 15 years of being a professional photographer, people will trip over everything no matter where gear is put.

To read more about what Esther is doing, click here. To book me for a shoot, head over to my contact page or email me directly.

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