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eTap Belfast

As a Belfast photographer it is very important how people find me.  Reputation is steadily growing for me but i still rely on my website and social media channels.  So if you use Google and search “Belfast Photographer” i will hopefully be at the top.  One such person who found me was Patrice from eTap Belfast.  The hotel is one of Belfast’s newest places for guests to rest their heads.  Its been open for several weeks before Patrice got in touch with me but they were yet to have their official opening.

Patrice found me after looking for “Belfast Photographer” on Google.  On this site he was able to look through my portfolio of work as well as find the prices and costs.  You can find them here.

Clients usually know exactly what they need often before they talk to me.  Thanks to me having my rates on this site Patrice was album to actually budget exactly what he needed from me.

The first thing he asked of me was to get shots of the hotel and lobby area before the guests arrive.  This would actually prove to be quite tricky due to dark walls and roofs.  Like most of my work i would be using at least 2 or 3 speed lights.  The eTap Belfast hotel is a really modern hotel and it was refreshing to shoot in a space so modern.

The guests soon started to arrive which meant that i had to switch from interior photos to taking photos of the people as they arrived.  They all mingled in the same area so it made it a little easier for this Belfast Photographer!

The Mayor of Belfast, Máirtín Ó Muilleoir was to attend as well as VIP’s from eTap headquarters.  The only posed photograph the eTap Belfast team needed from me was the ribbon cutting photo.  That would be done outside the hotel.  As it was really windy outside i just used one speed light with the plastic diffuser fixed on.  I love using shoot through umbrellas but as i had no one to hold it i used the standard plastic diffuser.

The rest of my time at eTap Belfast was spent gathering images of guests enjoying themselves and gathering several images of the rooms.  This was easier said than done!  The rooms are fairly small but very well equipped.  I had to be some what creative with my use of light and lenses to make sure the interior photos of the rooms turned out ok!


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