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We’re a matter of weeks into 2019 and I’m already gettng booked in for event photography. Why should you use a professional photographer for your event? Why not just use your camera phone? These are fair questions and I hope to try and answer them below!

Format and familiarity.

Generally, most events that I am asked to cover follow a fairly similar agenda. Guests arrive and have tea, coffee or drinks. The event host usually will give a quick introduction and run through the agenda. Guest speakers are then invited to the stage or microphone to give their presentation. After this concludes theres usually a period for questions. These are either answered by the speaker or addressed by a panel. The host will then close the event and delegates leave the building.

Big Data Conference – Titanic Belfast

The same but different.

Whilst the format is usually the same, there are many other conditions that can make event photography so challenging. Events can be held pretty much anywhere you can think of. Some locations are small and some are massive. Some locations are bright and vibrant and some locations are darker and closed in. I often shoot events in places like the Titanic Ballroom and everytime I work there, shooting conditions are never the same, as every event is different.

Big Data Conference – Titanic Belfast

Check lists.

No matter what your event is about and where ever you choose to hold it, theres generally a set list of things you should get from professional event photography. First of is imagery of your guests mingling whilst they’re waiting for the event to start. This serves two purposes. General imagery like this is super versitle meaning you can use it in lots of differnet ways such as promoting future events or using in reports. It also introduces your guest to your photographer so they’re not surprised to see someone moving around during the presentation phase.


You’re likely to have VIP’s in attendance. Take the time to get some decent group photos of them just before the event starts. You’re probably not going to have them all together until right before its time to kick things off. Budget 10/15 minutes before the beginning of the speaking to get this done. Make sure to mix it up with who’s in each photo. Break big group photos down into smaller numbers if you can. These photos will be some of the most important of your event photography package.


Next up is action shots of the event as it happens. Your photographer at this stage should be running around getting images of your guest speakers, shots of the audience and anything else of interest. If theres multiple speakers in different rooms then expect them to busy. They’ll be nipping in and out of different areas to make sure they get the shots they need. 

Social Media.

Whilst the event is in full flow, I would usually be sending images of whats going on, straight through to the client in real time for use on social media channels. Thanks to Bluetooth and 4G I’m able to send images over to clients almost instantly. This means instead of posting dark and blurry images from mobile phones my clients get my professional photos straight away, no waiting until the day after.

Last but not least…

The last tick box is wide images showing the space the event is happening in. The event space that my clients use is often as important as the delegates they invite It says a lot about a company when you look at the space they choose. Its a big statement to their delegates and clients so its important to capture images of the space as well.

If you’re interested in booking me to cover your event in 2019, make sure to send me a message via the contact page.

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