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Farrans Construction was awarded a £51m contract to construct a new quay wall and deep water berth atD1 Belfast Harbour.

The project consists of a 480m long new quay structure and deep water berth located in the Port of Belfast and associated works.

I was brought on board at the early stages of the D1 project to document some of the first stages of construction.  The brief from Farrans was fairly simple but i had to make sure i got all of the points covered when on site.

They first wanted a set of images showing VIPs attending a tour of the site.  Arlene Foster, Edwin Poots and several other ministers were in attendance that day it was very important for Farrans that i could good clear images of them.

I returned to the site several weeks later to photograph some of the machinery and processes used in construction of the D1 site.

Unfortunately it was raining heavily and because the day i attended was my only chance to get the shots needed i had to press on regardless.  After doning my hard hat and hi-viz jacket i headed out on to the site.  I kept my kit as light as possible carrying only my D3s body with 2 lenses.  The place was a very muddy site so i had to be able to change lenses without setting things on the ground but also making sure no rain or dust got in to the sensor.

The final part of this job was when the site was finished.  Thankfully this time it was not raining but it was still bitterly cold.  The site was so different to the last time i attended.  Farrans had by this stage finished the D1 site meaning there was not much left to photograph from the ground.    What was really important was that i captured the new wier complete with fenders.  Windfarm parts would be landed from boats on to this weir so it was super important that i got the best shots i could.

To get the best shots i had to jump in to a small boat.  This would give me the best vantage point though not without the worry of rogue waves splashing up against the boat as we moved around.

As well as the finished site i had to photograph some of the cranes they had on the site.  Farrans were keen to show their clients as well as competitors the type of vehicles they were using to complete the work.  Many of the vehicles were hired especially from abroad and shipped to Ireland to help work on the D1 wier.


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