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I love social media.  Yet a lot of people i meet both in work and outside don’t use it and if they do they don’t understand how to use it properly.

I especially like twitter.  Its directly interactive and its fast.  I can often by pass the receptionists or ‘gate keepers’ of business and talk to the owners directly by tweeting them.

I was at the Mourne Seafood Bar in Belfast several weeks ago having dinner with my girlfriend and it was with out doubt the best meal i have paid for in Belfast in years.

So being a reasonably keen user of twitter after we left i sent wrote and tweet, mentioned them and left positive words about an exceptional meal.

The day after the Mourne Seafood tweeted me back saying that i should get in touch with the Belfast Cookery School as they might have a job for me.  And they did.

Seafish UK are running a campaign called ‘Fish Is The Dish’ which is trying to encourage people use seafood more often in home cooking but also to try different types of fish outside of the normal selection such as cod, salmon and haddock.

I got in touch with the Seafish team and got the brief from their PR company as to what they would need.

Seafish were hosting an event in the Belfast Cookery School where they would be running a demonstration for local food bloggers to come along to.

I was to go there and photograph the demonstration from Wayne the chief and also photograph the people trying out their new cooking skills.

This was going to be a slightly mad photo shoot as i was to take video at the same time as taking stills.  I would need most all my kit for this.

I had to use three cameras for this shoot.  A D3s, a D700 and a friends D7000.  I was using the 24-70 F2.8 lens with the D3s to get the wider group shots and the 70-200 F2.8 was attached to the D700 for the tighter photos.  The D7000 would be used to capture static video shots with a 18-35 lens.

I also had all of my speed lights out and on stands.  I used the SB600, SB700, SB800 (its looking pretty knackered these days) and the mighty SB900.

Lighting thankfully wasn’t too much of an issue as the Cookery School is fairly well lit inside thanks to lots of windows.  I did how ever have another problem that i had not expected.

Because there is no extraction system in place asides from the open windows my lenses got covered in a really fine layer of grease/steam from the food being cooked.  I had to keep wiping them through out the day to prevent blurry photos.

The food that was cooked was fantastic and i really learned a lot about fish that i had never even or heard of before.

It was great meeting the people who attended the event as well.  Quite a few of them i only ever new via twitter so it was great to put a name to the face.


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