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As a Belfast Photographer I work with many companies in lots of business sectors, mainly due to the small size of Belfast and also lots of companies love to set up shop here so the business community is thriving.  As well as working with many “conventional” business’s, I engage with many charities.  One such charity is Friends Of The Cancer Centre.  Based in the cancer unit of Belfast City Hospital, Friends Of The Cancer Centre (FOTCC) support patients who’ve been diagnosed with cancer.  I am currently helping them build a library of images for their new website but check out their Facebook page in the mean time.  FOTCC staff the cancer centre with several doctors and nurses who specialise in treating cancer patients.  These doctors and nurses are only there because of the fund raising carried out by FOTCC.  Therefore it makes total sense to promote these amazing people!

As part of the FOTCC fund raising efforts they need to remain visible in the public eye.  With so many charities competing for attention in such as small city new ideas are constantly required.  The marketing team at FOTCC wanted to show the public the doctors and nurses that are caring for their patients.  Without these amazing people lots of patients would suffer without proper specialised care.

FOTCC arranged for the doctors and nurses to be available for a photo shoot.  The photos that I would take would then end up on 48 sheet billboards around Belfast and Northern Ireland.

The first stage of the photoshoot was to pick a location.  We picked the raised walkway that links the main building to the the cancer centre.  Check out the pictures below.  We had to leave space around the people in to allow room for text and graphics to be added.


The photos above took about two weeks in total to get.  With different staff rota we couldn’t get everyone in one go.  Once I finished with the pics and FOTCC chose the images they wanted to use they were sent off to the graphic designer.

The next stage of this process was releasing the photos to the public!  There would be six sites around Belfast where the final images would be displayed.  They are also being displayed around several towns in Northern Ireland.  Once the images were up on the 48 billboard sites I took a scoot round Belfast to get some photos of them in situ.

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