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Friends of the Cancer Centre is a charity you’ve probably never heard of before but if someone you know has been effected by cancer they’ve probably been through the doors of the Bridgewater Suite in the Belfast City Hospital.  Belfast Photographer

“Friends of the Cancer Centre has a long and proud history of helping local cancer patients across Northern Ireland over the last 30 years.  Based at the heart of the Cancer Centre at Belfast City Hospital, the charity funds life-saving and life-changing projects that make a real and lasting difference to the lives of thousands of local people affected by cancer and in the last year alone, Friends of the Cancer Centre has put nearly £1.8 million back into the Cancer Centre.”

Friends of the Cancer Centre fundraise a lot of money for the patients it treats.  All of the money goes towards items such as tea/coffee boilers, comfy chairs, research equipment and staff wages.  The charity is able to raise enough money to employ staff that are carry out cutting edge cancer research.

My part in working with Friends of the Cancer Centre is helping them promote the advances they are taking everyday in cancer research.  In this blog post I want to cover two items.  As well as photographing things such as new members of staff and equipment I also take photographs of events the charity runs.  The last big event they ran was at Christmas, it was a thank you event for all the supporters of the charity.

For event work I usually have to photograph the same general items.  These include images of guests and VIPs, speakers, the audience and anything else that is going on.

Moving on from events the last time I was with the centre I was tasked with photographing several members of staff in the Radiology department as well as a new piece of equipment that the charity part funded.

The staff photos were achieved with a mix of speedlights fitted with umbrellas and a Nikon D750 fitted with a 24-70mm F2.8 lens.  I had to get a mixture of images with different areas of space for text.  The photos would be used in a mixture of places including on and offline print.

Last order of business would be to get several images of the new equipment as well pictures of it being used. Again as before I would have to leave empty space in the images to allow for text to placed.  Quite a tricky thing to do as I tend to crop the images as I shoot.  It cuts down on a lot of time cropping as you shoot as it means one less thing to do during post processing.


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