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Its a common occurrence as a Belfast photographer to work in a lot of the main venues around the city.  The recently opened Titanic building down in the docks area of Belfast is one such venue.  Its a premier venue in the heard of Belfast and as a result a lot of my clients choose to hold and host events there.  Its easy to get to and has great facilities not to mention amazing food.

Friends Of The Cancer Centre are based in the Belfast City Hospital on the Lisburn Road in Belfast.  This year would see Friends Of The Cancer Centre hold a gala ball in the Titanic Building to raise money.  Money raised at this event (along with others) would be used to fund the training of new cancer nurses as well as purchasing new equipment.

Guests to the event come from all over Northern Ireland so we had an extensive list of VIPs that had to be photographed when they arrived.  I set up four speed lights just by the lifts inside the Titanic building.  Two lights had umbrellas attached and the other two lights were used to bring a little illumination to the background.  Because I wouldn’t be using a backdrop the background would appear to be quite dark until post processing had taken place.  Because infra-red signals can easily get “lost” in big open dark spaces I opted for some radio triggers to make sure the speed lights fired.

After the VIP guests were photographed downstairs we moved all of the equipment upstairs to the main ball room.  Next on the shot list was images of the board members on the now famous stair case.  This as before would be a four speed light shoot.  I would use two lights to illuminate the subjects then another two to bring up the background.  Yes I could get away with using just two speed lights but then the background would be dark.

The last thing on the Friends Of The Cancer Centre photography list was just a few general shots of the room and the speakers.  The main ball room is pretty big so I would definitely need four speed lights for this.  Check out the pictures below for placement. I put two down by the stage and two up on a balcony above the ball room.  This would keep the lights out of the way of the public but also give me proper coverage.



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