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Give My Head Peace is a satirical television comedy series on BBC Northern Ireland that pokes fun at political parties, paramilitary groups and the sectarian divide in Northern Ireland. The programme is written by Tim McGarry, Damon Quinn and Michael McDowell, also known as “The Hole in the Wall Gang“, who also perform as the characters. Episodes were recorded in front of a live studio audience at the BBC Blackstaff Studio A in Belfast. – wiki

On a recent visit, President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins said, “the Linenhall Library was one of several institutions in Northern Ireland that contribute in such valuable ways to fostering an open approach to our past and future.”

Library director, Julie Andrews approached Tim McGarry a while back about a new fundriasing idea. She asked Tim if the cast of Give My Head peace could do a public read through of two episodes from the show. The library was able to charge a small fee for members of the public to attend. To maximise funds raised for the library the cast volunteered to do this event for free. After a quick brainstorm there was only one place that would be appropriate, Stormont Parliament Buildings.

I’ve shot many events in the great hall at Stormont. As soon as I walked in I new where to place my lights. Due to the size of the hall I would need at least four speedlights. They’re super easy to set up and position.

Thanks to the super ISO performance from my Nikon D750s I was able to leave the ISO set at 2000. Image quality even at this high ISO would be spot on. I knew as long as I nailed the focus the images would turn out OK. Thanks to the power of Adobe Lightroom making small adjustments afterwards would be easy.

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