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Conor Moran is the boss of a new start up in Belfast called GoReport.

Based over in the Northern Ireland Science Park (NISP) he has been developing a new service out of frustrations he has experienced in creating on site building surveys.

As an engineer Conor developed a concept which would enable him to collect data electronically onsite which would enable him to collate and construct the surveys a lot quicker.

After receiving a grant to develop the software originally on the iPhone he then progressed to adapting it for use on the iPad as well.  With the software on a iPad a building surveyor can collect data onsite by sketching on the ipad as well as using the camera and audio inputs to build a report.

Conor got in touch with me as he needed photographs for news and magazine articles.  He would need head shots as well as a strong set of images of him using the software.

I met with Conor and together we scratched out a plan for a set of photos of different sizes and shapes that he could submit to news and press when required.

It was a very sunny day that we met to get the photographs and immediately i knew highlights would be an real issue.  I managed to keep Conor in areas of shade so at least there would be no extreme highlights on Conor.  I just had to be careful that the sky in the background was not to over powering.

He needed a clear set of photos that showed him demonstrating the iPad being used.  He wanted to show the various methods of inputs which include stylus pen, bluetooth audio headset and pictures from the built in camera.

For most of the photos i took of Conor i used two speed lights with umbrellas fitted.  I usually use the 70-200 VR lens for head shots.  Conor specifically asked that i made sure that when i was taking photos i had to get parts of the buildings in the shots.  I agreed as if there were no parts of buildings in the images it would be just a man in a suit using an iPad!

For that reason then i could only use two lenses.  The 18-35 and 24-70.  I needed the width of these lenses to get in close to Conor but also to capture parts of the buildings in the images as well.

I checked local press shortly after the shoot and i was really happy to see one image i took for Conor being used for his article in Business Eye.


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