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Yes i am a Belfast Photographer and yes i work mostly in Belfast but every now and again i do get the chance to stretch my legs in the country.  Hannaway Kitchens is a family run business based in Hilltown Co. Down.  The team at Hannaway Kitchens are currently preparing for several large trade shows  and its been several years since they last updated their image library of kitchen photos.

After a quick meeting with the team Shane gave me a starting list of 10 kitchens that he wanted photographed.  He said he would make contact with the residents to let them know that i would be coming but it was up to me to arrange the date and time of my visit.  I tried to batch them together to minimise mileage but right from the word go that just wouldn’t happen due to the different kitchen owners schedules.

The kitchens were situated all over County Down and Antrim, right the way from Belfast to Newry.  I even had to briefly visit Co. Louth for a quick stop outside Carlingford.

I would have to keep set ups to a minimum as for the majority of the kitchens the owners would be there to let me in and out.

I am a firm believer for interior images, the more light the better.  Granted, sometimes more atmospheric lighting is required but if people are to be enticed into thinking about buying an expensive kitchen you will want them to see what they are getting for their money.

I have four Nikon speedlights and i would end up using them all in pretty much every kitchen.  Coupled with a set of four Phottix wireless triggers i had the ideal lighting combination.  Call me a lunatic but with exception to a single softbox i didn’t use any lighting modifiers.  I needed the speedlights to have as small as footprint as possible.  As the images would be shot on a wide 16-35mm lens i wanted to get as much of the kitchen in as possible.  If i started using umbrellas and large softboxes i wouldn’t be able to keep the maximum width in the images.  With some crafty positioning i managed to avoid using any traditional large light modifiers.  Sneaky is the way!

The kitchens ranged in size from medium to extra large.  The medium sized kitchens were the most enjoyable to photograph.  The problem with the larger kitchens was that you ideally didn’t want to portray massive spaces in the images, i would end up zooming in a little more than usual or step a little closer to properly frame the image.



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