Hillsborough Food Festival

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This year marked the first official Hillsborough Food Festival in the newly renovated castle grounds. Previously owned by the Northern Ireland Office, Hillsborough Castle was restricted in the type of events that it could host to the public due to security concerns. Due to ownership transferring from the Northern Ireland Office to Historical Royal Palaces the grounds of the castle opened were opened up to the public, enabling events such as this years food festival to be held.

I was tasked by the company who created the food festival to gather imagery over the weekend. The pictures that I took would be used to promote the food festival for years to come, both in Northern Ireland and throughout the UK.

To get as much variety as possible I was to work through a shot list of images spanning Friday and Saturday. Working over the two days would mean I could photograph all of the celebrity chiefs who would be doing cookery demonstrations. During these demonstrations I managed to get some decent pictures of the food being cooked, as well as the audience looking on.

Next to the cookery demonstrations on my shot list was sponsor photos. Sponsors pay a lot of money to take part and get a prime location within the festival area. Some sponsors were small local companies selling their products, whilst others were national level businesses such as Henderson Foods and SuperValu.

The last part of my shot list was entitled ‘general imagery’. Asides from the cookery demonstrations and sponsor photos I also had to capture photos of the general atmosphere as the festival happened. This included members of the public having a good time, festival entertainment and photos from around the festival site showing the grounds and set up.

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For more info on the Hillsborough Food Festival follow this link.

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