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House photography is definitely one of the trickier disciplines in this industry. In the eight years I’ve been pursuing professional photography I’ve photographed several hundred houses, not quite thousands yet but probably not far off. ¬† I remember every house I photograph and I know my photos when I see them being used online in places like PropertyPal. The house in this post has stuck in my head ever since I photographed it late last summer. I’ve had the photos archived since then but just never got round to showing them to you.

This house, on the Dinnahora Road outside Armagh was built by a couple who’re both architects. I remember this house not just for the design but because I was thirty minute late in finding it! Armagh is a difficult place to work as a property photographer as finding the houses is probably the hardest part of the job. There are plenty of roads that are still not on satnav and that includes Google Maps.

Its a bad start being late to a job especially since I had another shoot to get to in Belfast straight after this one but I pressed on regardless. I’m not sure whats more important, straight lines or light. I think both in equal measures. Interior photography is a constant balance between these two aspects and its not always easy to get right. It was fairly overcast the day I was there which meant soft light throughout all the rooms I had to shoot. This would mean the highlights would be easy to control.

The kitchen in this house was¬†undoubtably the main feature of this property. It was the biggest space and thanks to the veranda above gives access to almost all the main rooms. The jewel in the crown wasn’t the floating section of the kitchen or the appliances but the almost full width sliding door. Its amazing the difference this massive door makes to the space. I noticed it when I first stepped in to the kitchen but when the owner opened it up the kitchen was completely transformed, thanks in part to the patio outside.

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