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Its no secret that Belfast is getting bigger.  The Universities are expanding and as a result so are the numbers of students residing in the city. John Bell House is the latest student accommodation unit thats been built in to the old Belfast Met college on College Square East. Fresh Student Living have sites based all over the UK but this site is the first of its kind in Northern Ireland. John Bell House is open to all students who can afford the applicable fees.


I was asked to photograph several of the completed units so they could be advertised on the website. The photos would need to be bright, sharp and properly composed. That meant no “arty” angles! All the main photos that would be on display would have to have perfectly straight angles were possible and balanced exposure levels throughout. The images that I would take would be used both on and offline to entice students to rent these brand new units.


Each room that I had to photograph had its own shot list. Each room would have several wide shots to show as much as possible. It would be important to show potential renters what exactly they’d be getting for their money. As many students come from outside of Northern Ireland the pictures they’d see on the website would be the only way they’d get to view what they would be renting.


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