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The folks from Kier Utilities got in touch from London. They reached out to me as they wanted to capture imagery of their operations in Northern Ireland. The marketing department wanted updated photos to use in various advertising materials and reports.

The team decided on a range of sites that we would visit to capture the required imagery. We started in Belfast moving on to Mallusk, Ballyclare and Ballymena. Each location would show the different areas of work in which Kier Utilities operate.

The first set up allowed me to create images from a typical house visit. Thankfully the home in question belonged to the gas engineer in the images, so setting up my equipment around the house was easy to do.

The next location on our shot list was in Mallusk. The site had two engineers and a manager who were finishing off a new gas line installation to a customers home. This site gave me lots of different photo set ups due to the various pieces of equipment being used.

The third location was a little different to the previous two spots. Kier Utilities wanted to get photos of a crew carrying out cosmetic maintenance at an apartment block in Ballymena. This set-up was a little bit more tricky. I had to make sure the subjects were correctly lit using my lights. This was tricky due to the size of the machinery. I had to keep the lights out of the pictures but close enough to light my subjects.

The final location in Ballyclare would prove to be the most interesting. The Kier Utilities team we had to visit were installing a brand new gas line into a residential street. Rather than digging up the entire street, the equipment being used allowed them to insert the gas pipe via an access hole. Instead of further digging and inconvenience to the residents, the team was able to guide the pipe under the ground with only one hole for access and another at the far end for termination. 

If you would like to get in touch about anything you’ve seen, please head over to the contact page via this link.

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