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If you have visited this site before you probably notice that there is a lot of content here from the arts.  I work with quite a few drama companies in Northern Ireland, one of those being Bruiser Theatre.  I also work with PR companies in the Belfast area but it doesnt happen often that i get to combine the two areas, PR & Drama.

Based on the Oscar Wilde classic, Bruiser Theatre Company in association with the MAC present this entertaining new version of Lady Windermere’s Fan.

Lady Margaret Windermere is a woman of high morals and absolute conviction. In her mind, people are either good or bad, with nothing in between. She discovers, to her horror, that her husband may be having an affair with another woman, of dubious moral standing.  This is a classic Oscar Wilde comedy from parlours and parties, eavesdropping and misunderstandings to the wooing of pretty young daughters.

Wilde’s razor-sharp wit and satire of high society is as keenly observed and relevant today as any contemporary writer’s work.  From the team that brought you the critically acclaimed feel-good show of the year, Sweet Charity, Bruiser return to the MAC with this hilarious and irreverent treat.

To make sure as many people hear about the performance as possible we drafted up a shot list of images that would be required to help promote the show on social media channels, websites and print media.

The shotlist was fairly simple but would take a couple of hours to get through.  Each of the cast would be photographed separately then in different groups.  They would be in basic costume shot against a black background.

The lighting would be fairly simple with no more than three speed lights.  Two of the speed lights had shoot through umbrellas fitted and the third had a Gary Fong powersnoot.  The two umbrellas would provide the main light and the snoot would provide a bit of side lighting.

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