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What a show!  There has not been such a massive outdoor theatre performance in Northern Ireland until now and chances are there wont be another one to rival The Land Of Giants for quite some time.

I was one of two official photographers there on behalf of the PR company who were managing the promotion of the event.

The run up to last weekend started a couple of weeks before by photographing first the massed choir that was taking part then by photographing the costume designers who made all the outfits for some of the 500 cast involved.

I went down on the Friday night to capture the first night time rehearsal.  Thankfully the rain held off and the cast and crew got a clean run through.

I managed to get my hands on a 300mm lens for this event which is a proper telephoto lens.  As the action was spread across a large area i needed something long to make sure i did not miss the moment.  And as there were performers moving through the air hanging from crane i wanted to make sure i could get close despite being far away.

Saturday was a bit longer.  The organiser of the event had tasked me to document the final day.  I arrived at 3pm and immediately started moving around the entire site capturing the rehearsal performances but much closer than Friday night.

As well as taking photos on the performance site i moved around the drawing offices adjacent to the Titanic building and also over to T13.  These images had a ‘behind the scenes’ look to them.

The final night was set.  And so was the rain.  It managed to stay dry right until the start of the show, great!  Thankfully the camera i use (Nikon D3s) is weather resistant as all the lenses.  So they would not survive a dip in a pool of water but they can shrug off a rain shower or two.  The only bit i had to keep dry was the glass.

As there were around 18,000 people there in total i was a lot more restricted in my movements.  At the start i had to stick to a cordoned off area between to sections of the audiences.  This wasn’t ideal as i had to try and take photos over the tops of the audiences heads.  I decided to move in to the audience to get closer to the performance.

Check out the shots below, i think i did OK!



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