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If you’ve checked over this website once or twice you’ll know that I regularly carry out work for Seafish UK. Their latest event titled “Loaves and Fishes” pitted several colleges from Northern Ireland against each other in a Masterchef style competition.

The Loaves and The Fishes is a unique initiative to encourage Northern Irish (NI) people to consume more local seafood and traditional breads, more often. In particular the event aims to promote consumption of lesser known species of seafood; encourage “nose to tail” consumption of seafood and encourage more diversity in the range of seafood consumed in Northern Ireland.

In total six colleges took part in the competition with judges such as Charles Campion and Martijn Kaijuter deciding who would take the top spot. The students began the day crafting their dishes and had only 30 minutes from start to finish to create a Masterchef level dish. The competition was run in two rounds with three colleges in each.

I was tasked with getting shots of the students whist they were cooking, separate photos of their dishes as well as any other decent action that was going on at the time. It wouldn’t be hard getting good images of the day as kitchens are generally quite action packed anyway!

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