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I met Jacques from Makhulu 5 through another friend, a personal referral.  These for me are the best type of introductions as the client genuinely needs my help, there is no pitch or selling.  I took a set of photographs for the new Makhulu 5 menu several months ago.  Check out some of the photos below. It was brilliant getting to photograph all the food as i got to sample most of it afterwords!  I tend not to photograph things in the more traditional ways compared to other photographers.

We needed ‘normal’ photos for the Makhulu 5 menu but as well as these i wanted to get some really close up shots that showed the steam, the smoke and the meat being cooked.  These images wouldnt be perfectly sharp due to wide apertures and heat rising from the grills but i think they look pretty cool.

Makhulu 5 also do large barbeques were they attend company fun days or corporate events.  For this job Jacques asked me to come along to get some photographs of the Makulu 5 outdoor set up.  Specifically he asked me to focus on the hog that they slow barbecued for 8 hours that morning.  He also asked me to focus in on the people who would be eating all the amazing food.

It was not an ideal location to take photos as the cover was completely wooden.  It meant that bouncing light off the roof was not going to work as normal as the wood would absorb most of the light.  The only way i could add a little extra light was to use the built in bounce cards in the speedlights.  These little bounce cards would throw just enough extra light forward on to the subjects that i would not have to rely on ambient light.

Another problem was the barbeque itself.  Because there was so much meat being cooked there was a lot of smoke coming off the grills.  The lens of the D3s was getting covered in fat which meant every 5 minutes or so i would have to wipe the lens.  Not a big thing maybe but it did at times hamper my work flow.

If you have not yet been to Makhulu 5 i suggest a visit!


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