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I love shooting events and with business expanding in the city more and more this Belfast photographer is kept busy!  Venues such as the Titanic building and the various hotels are attracting more and more conferences and companies wanting to host events.  The lovely folks at Matrix Hair Care got in touch several weeks ago about their hair demo event that they planned to hold in the main Titanic ball room.  The job would entail two separate photography requests.  The day before the main event I would be required to take before photos of the models to show them without hair treatments applied.  The before photos of the models had to be evenly lit so I used two speedlights with shoot through umbrellas attached.  I wouldn’t be able to get the after photos until the show the following night but I’ve added the befores and afters together to show you the difference now.  The after photos had to be taken in situ during the event in the Titanic building so they’re a little more inconsistent that I would like.

Matrix-01 Matrix-02 Matrix-03 Matrix-04 Matrix-05





The photos above would be just important as the event photos as the Matrix Hair Care team wanted to post the images on social media along other vital information such as colour mixes and methods.  Fast forward 24 hours and its time for the main event in the Titanic ball room.  The Matrix Hair Care team would be carrying out a live demo on several of the models whose hair alterations weren’t yet complete.  The evening started off with a catwalk of the completed hair styles then the demos would come after.  I had a bit more freedom in terms of lighting this time.  I had the Quadra Ranger set up on the balcony above the main room.  It was set to 300w and pointing directly at the roof.  I could turn this on and off remotely but it would be the main light source under my control.  I then placed two SB-900 speed lights with Flashbenders attached on either side of the main stage to provide side fill.

In terms of cameras I would be using my two main D750 bodies with 24-70mm and 70-200mm lenses attached.  The 85mm F1.8 is consistently sharper compared to the 70-200mm VR but it just doesn’t have the same reach.  I would need to stay well out of the way of the audience and video cameras so the 70-200mm VR was used a lot.  I attached my other speedlights directly to the cameras incase they would be needed.  Better to have them than be looking for them in the middle of the event.  The lights would all be triggered with Phottix transmitters.  So as you can see theres lots going on here.  Five lights, two cameras with two different lenses and the need to control all of this equipment.  All in a days work though! 🙂


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