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One thing that I can be certain of as a Belfast photographer is companies and individuals needing head shots.  Head shots are the bread and butter of my weekly work load as in there isn’t a week that goes past were I dont take head shots.  Usually when I am doing head shots with an individual I will spend around an hour with that person to make sure we get a great selection of imagery.  I want to make it hard for them to pick the images when I get them up online.  So when the NFU got in touch I had to take a slightly different approach.  My contact at the NFU, Niall informed me that over the four branches I would have to visit I would have fifty NFU staff members to photograph.  This meant that my time per person had to be drastically reduced.  Instead of approximately one hour I had to reduce that down to ten or fifteen minute person, sometimes less.

The other challenge would be space.  The one downside of not owning a studio is that I have become very adept at recreating the studio set up at my clients work place.  Check out the picture below for an example of one of the setups.  Thanks to a roof mounted projector screen I was able to use that as my background.  The two lights at the front are the primary light sources and are fitted with shoot through umbrella.  The two rear lights were fitted with light benders which act as snoots to direct the light towards the screen.

2014-09-04 15.34.48

Belfast would be first on the list of the NFU branches I would visit, followed by Newtownards, Crumlin and Lisburn.  In all it took around three weeks to get around all of the branches.  Between fifty different schedules it was tricky to get everyone in the same place at the same time.  Some of the employees worked part time and others were off on maternity leave.  After many emails bouncing around we got some dates booked in.  All the branches were done on different days and at the end I had over five hundred images to sift through.  Each employee would have three edited images to make sure they would be able to fit properly on to the new website.  Below is a screen grab of what I was left with once I picked out the best images.


Going back to the time issue, I had to be fairly quick when working each of the employees.  It didn’t leave us with much time but just enough that I could get was specifically asked of me.  Usually I would work on different poses with the people I photograph but this time around I had to be very precise to optimise time.  Check out a few of examples of the edited images that will be going on the NFU website.

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