Photography at the London 2012 Olympics

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AP or Associated Press are one of the biggest news agencies in the world.  This is evident not only by the quality of their work but when manufacturers such as Nikon release flag ship camera bodies before the olympics for them to use says a lot.

Such are the practicalities and complexities of moving around the different events many of the cameras are now remote controlled.

The events are extremely competitive and the chase for better and more striking images continues and improves from event to event.

It used to be that the cameras were hoisted up on to ceilings or placed in swimming pools then the memory cards were collected after the event was over.  Now how ever the images are able to be wirelessly transferred as they are taken which means the images editors can choose the images faster, edit them and get them sent out to world press.

Check out this video to see the gimbal systems they will be using to get the killer shots.


london 2012 olympics

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