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So with the actual Land Of Giants event done and dusted now is a great time to look back slightly at a few other things i did for them to help promote the show.

The first thing Michael from the PR company wanted to address was the massed choir that was taking part.  It was very rare to have so many choir’s taking part in such a big event and with so many groups coming from all over Northern Ireland it would be a great opportunity for local and national press coverage.

I met Michael in the Owen O’Cork mill where the massed choir was practicing and rehearsing.  I was tasked with getting two sets of images.  I needed group shots of each of groups that made up the massed choir then a few candid photos of the group practicing.

In terms of equipment used for these photos i had to keep it simple as there was so many people walking about the space.  I had my Nikon D3s with SU-800 on top to control an SB-700 and SB-900.  I attached these two speed lights to stands with umbrellas.  For the more candid photos i used the longer Nikon 70-200 VRI lens to get close in to the action.


Another area that Michael wanted to highlight and get out in to local press was the fact that there were so many performers who were going to be wearing hand made costumes.  The wardrobe team was headed by Christine Boyle and Diana Ennis.  These two along with their team were in  charge of making sure all the performers had outfits that could stand up to the elements as well as look amazing for the show.

Like the choir i had two sets of photos to get.  I needed some posed photos and some more informal images.

The first set of images were Diana and Christine together working with several props and tools they use to create the costumes.  I used a mixture of light and equipment to get these shots  For the closer images i used the Nikon 24-70mm F2.8 lens along with two or three remotely controlled speed lights.  The room was already pretty bright but i wanted a little extra light.

The candid photos were not staged.  I needed to get images of the team as they were actually working.  To give the ‘behind the scenes’ look i used the longer 70-200mm VRI lens.  Again i used one or two speed lights just to give the images a little extra punch.



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