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Pride And Prejudice

The Lyric Theatre Belfast are in the full swings of rehearsing for Pride And Prejudice The Musical which is due to start on the 5th September.  Based on the novel by Jane Austin this is a new musical adaptation by Richard Croxford and Mark Dougherty.

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, the Lyric Theatre and Cork Everyman present a sparkling new musical adaptation of this dearly loved novel.

For more information on Pride And Prejudice The Musical head over to the Lyric Theatre’s website.

To help generate “buzz” and to promote the show as with all theatrical performances it needs to be advertised and how better to do this than with a set of amazing photos!

This as with most of my work was a fairly last minute job with less than 48 hours notice.  The brief thankfully was simple but to get the images we needed would be a challenge due to on site time constraints.  The first part of this shoot would take place in the rehearsal studio at the Lyric Theatre Belfast.  A small set of photos were needed to get the PR rolling for the show.  The pictures would be used between both the Lyric and Cork as this is a joint show.

The rehearsal photos were not directed, we simply let the cast run through their scenes as normal and i had to keep up with them in terms of moving around the room and getting the shots needed.  I had three lights set up with radio triggers and flash benders fitted.  I would normally use the infra-red SU-800 unit to trigger the flashes but because the rehearsal space is black on three sides some times the flashes don’t fire properly.

The second part of the Pride And Prejudice The Musical PR process was an on site shoot by the Lagan River right here in Belfast.  We needed proper staged photos this time, with the cast members in full costume.  For this shoot we had Mr. Darcy played by Neil McDermott and Elizabeth Bennet played by Hazel Gardner.  The photos had to portray an atmosphere of the Pride & Prejudice environment.  We decided on the Lagan River behind the Belfast boat club as it offered several different photography options in one location.

We only had 40 minutes with the actors so we had to be very selective with images we created.  We started with a few head shots of Mr. Darcy before moving on to images of the pair together.  The theatre in Cork requested space be left around the images so they could add text afterwards.  Whilst this is a common request from graphic designers its still very strange to not frame the shot in the camera, it feels alien to leave space around the image.

Time how ever was not the only problem.  Direct sun light would prove to be more tricky to deal with.  I had to overpower the sun and turn the speed lights in to the primary lighting source.  The sun of course would give all of the ambient light but with the right balance i was able to control where the light came from.  I had to use a mixture of high shutter speeds to reduce the amount of ambient light getting in and aperture values around F8 and 9 to control highlights and bokeh.  I would of liked to use lower aperture values but due to the direct sunlight and the already high shutter speeds if i had dropped the aperture value lower than what i was using the images would of been overexposed.

Production stills for Pride And Prejudice The Musical are planned before the end of August so rest assure there are more photos to follow.  Check out more about Pride And Prejudice The Musical by heading over to the Lyric Theatre’s website.


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