Prime Cut’s Kaleidoscope

Prime Cut's Kaleidoscope

I specialise in working with theatre companies such as The Mac and The Lyric in Belfast.  Prime Cut’s Kaleidoscope is Belfast’s latest drama performance but with a twist.  The city of Belfast is the performance space.

Prime Cut Productions in collaboration with Dee Street Community Centre, Grace Women’s Development, John Paul II Youth Club, Knocknagoney Community Centre, New Lodge Arts, North Belfast Interface Network and The Spectrum Centre presents, Prime Cut’s Kaleidoscope.

A magical, multi-sensory experience that will redefine what Belfast means to you forever

Staged on the streets of Belfast, Kaleidoscope will allow you to encounter the city like never before. Choose where you go and what you look at as multiple stories weave around you, plunging you into the hopes, fears and daily lives of people from across the city.  The performance is directed by multi award-winning theatre maker Louise Lowe and artist Will St Leger

I received a very specific brief from Prime Cut and the PR team within.  The photos had to reflect the busy bustling atmosphere of Belfast but at the same time reflect the stillness of the single subject in the middle of the frame.  We chose Corn Market in Belfast as the location for the images.

All of the shots were lit with two speedlights triggered phottix triggers.  Usually i would use the infrared SU-800 commander to control the speedlights but as we were shooting outside rather than inside i couldn’t rely on the signal from the commander reaching the lights.

The main thing i needed was for the public to walk in front and behind of the performer(s).  This i thought would be fairly easy as i planned to be at least 30 or 40 feet away from the subject.  But when i set up the speedlights (with people holding them) the public tended to walk a different direction instead of walking through the shot.  After spacing the lights farther away from the subject and with a little persuasion from the other people in Prime Cut the public soon started walking through the shot.

All of the images were shot around F10 at 1/10th second with the flashes set to 1/8th power.  These settings meant the subject would be perfectly focussed but the people walking through the frame would appear blurry.

For more information on Prime Cut’s Kaleidoscope visit their site here.

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